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Memory Foam, Love Memory Pillow

Memory Foam, Love Memory Pillow

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1、Ergonomic Design: Apple-shaped concave line design perfectly fits the human body curve, comfortably supports and relaxes the body.
2、Comfortable and Breathable: Soft and breathable fabric + hollow design, improve air circulation, keep dry and comfortable at all times, not stuffy or hot, so that sleep quality is better and more comfortable. A favorite for pregnant women and side sleepers.
3、Easy to Tighten and No Deformation: The built-in latex strength is not easy to deform. Use your body pressure to adjust the pillow that best suits your thickness.
4、Elastic Band: It is easy to tighten, easy to fix, not easy to fall off, suitable for thighs, calves, knees and even neck.
5、Easy-to-Clean Zipper Cover: Choose polyester machine wash or hand wash, which will not shrink or fade. The zippered lid is easy to disassemble and assemble, keeping it dry and hygienic.

Pillow height: 10.1-15cm
Pillow weight: 350g
Applicable number: single
Applicable object: Adult
Pillow fabric: knitted
Color: lake blue, gentleman gray, lemon yellow, cherry pink
Size specification: 25*23*13CM

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1*Apple-Shaped Pillow

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