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Breathable Ergonomic Lumbar Support Cushion Adjustable Height

Breathable Ergonomic Lumbar Support Cushion Adjustable Height

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Ergonomics: Conforms to the human body curve, provides gentle and good support for the waist.
Support back: Fully supports lumbar pressure, evacuates fatigue, and relaxes the waist naturally.
Adjust height: The waist can be adjusted freely to suit people of different heights.
Fixed firmly on the seat, no need to worry about the free movement of the waist pad.
Versatile use: Can be attached to office chairs, vehicle and plane seats.
Suitable for the crowd: driver, office worker, teacher, student, sedentary. 

Product Name: Waist pad
Specifications: height 41cm ᅲ width 44cm ᅲ thickness 18cm
Main material: ABS plastic molding + 3D mesh cloth
Strap material: elastic + polyester
Size: about 43x40cm

Package Content:
1 x Lumbar Support Cushion

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